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To those convinced that you're invincible, allow me
To assist you in coming to grips with mortality
Your physical form only exists to store calories
Your salary isn't shit but a formality
You're about to be pulverized into a powdery
Spore to be absorbed into the core of the galaxy
When you accept that you doubtfully hold any importance
As normality, it morphs your reality
Torrents pour down, performing storm cloud alchemy
But brown outs and droughts got you thirsting for a fountain drink
You ain't as mechanically sound as you think
Planned obsolescence will shut you down in a blink
You're lucky you didn't drown in the sink during your first bath
The universe hath forsaken your perverse acts
There will never be peace until it reverts back
To when Earth was nothing but a deserted dirt mass
To err is human, to forgive is divine
Intelligent design got us all livin within the lines
Driven to lives of crime, if that shit isn't a sign
That our time's up, you either ain't listening or your blind
Our welcome has been overstayed
Our national anthem's as overplayed as the ace of spades in a poker game
The sonic equivalent of novacaine straight to the veins
The thought of it is enough to make me go insane
That's why I'm dropping knowledge by the terrabyte
cuz I stay as hungry as an intestinal parasite
Cherish life too much to share a bite
The end is near, I can feel it coming in the air tonight
Humanity is a race, not a decathalon
I think whoever divided em up did the math all wrong
But the truth ain't even worth being passed along
When we're one atomic bomb blast from being mastodons
Shadows cast upon the environment that we thrive in
Will soon make it impossible to survive in
Cuz we've failed to hold ourselves responsible for providing
A place for the sun to shine when it rises on the the horizon
By 2025 we'll all feel like dying
When we're bored of the bullshit that we've spent our lives buying
And conformed to the multiple enterprises deciding
Which lies we'll memorize to intensify the enticing
Sense of high priced independence, highlighting
The expenses of riding the fence and side swiping
Attempts to deprive rights that strike like lightning
Lie detector tests in excessively bright lighting
Smiting, too many wrongs need righting
To proceed fighting without patriotic poetry reciting
Redefining armageddon as we know it
Anticipating the end at any moment


from The World Is Flat & You're All Liars, released April 11, 2015
written and produced by DL Murray
mixed by DL Murray and Lazlo Steele
mastered by Smoke M2D6



all rights reserved


DL Murray Olympia, Washington

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