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Some days I care, some days I ain't got a fuck to spare
Some days I wanna help but I ain't got a buck to spare
Nothing but despair, frustration and bad luck to share
I'm working with what I've got, ain't worried bout what I'm not
I don't let it tie me up in knots
I'm just the product of a lot of tough times, I had to adjust my clock
And why should I offer my apology
When honesty is quite obviously the right policy
Not some kind of reverse psychology
I'm far too bright for y'all to shine those blinding lights onto me
Too dark for y'all too see, so this is my autobiography
The dichotomy is mind boggling
Like, DL's a problem, ain't he?
He don't talk but when he rock the stage he goes cockamamie, he's probably crazy
No, I'm just concentrating
Too busy to be caught being distracted by meaningless interactions
I don't perceive them as benefactions
Simply symptomatic of society steadily slipping backwards
My head hangs in shame
The dead weight of my brain cranes my neck
I suspect it's too late in the game

Cut me open, and I'll bleed B-
Cut me open, and I'll bleed B-
Cut me open, and I'll bleed B-
Insomniac without a dream, I need sedatives
Half asleep from measures that's preventative
Hell, If you can't beat em, let 'em win
I tell em it runs in my blood
I can't help but be negative
Insomniac without a dream

I'll always be loved as an artist, and hated as a person
I have the most uncanny way of making that for certain
They think they know the real me, but they don't scratch the surface
Even with an endless source of information at their service
Overflowing with this negativity
If you don't know my middle name then you're safer not saying shit to me
Til I hit the tree like lumberjacks, comic relief from the chronic leaf
Now shit's under wraps, but it doesn't last
Fuck you, fuck you, you're cool but fuck you anyway
And fuck getting paid, I'm staying in today
I keep the turn up stored right on the headboard
I ain't finna leave til my bedsores got bedsores
Killing a brain cell, feeling the pain swell
Peeling a hangnail, unwilling to stay well
Stealing away, dwelling in total isolation
This is all I've got for you, I'm sorry I kept you waiting

Most of the time I don't feel nothing
But tonight I'm feeling like I might kill something
For sheer sport, throw the body away
There ain't nothing nobody could say
To sway me or persuade any changes, the estranged emcee
Strange to see in a game that's prearranged to be this way
But maintaining control creatively
Ain't my reason for keeping free agency
The evil is all around me now, there's no escaping it
They took my camera from me when I was videotaping it
The future's looking grim to me the way that they've been shaping it
A human race against the clock, make no mistake of it
So how the fuck I'm supposed to stay motivated with dissociative traits
Disengaged from stable relationships
Well, mama said if they don't fuck with you the way you is
Then they can go and play with the neighbor kids
Place your bids on them
Fatalistic enablement of the straight-A student
Plagued by restless leg movements
But I'm smart, I can get through this
I said I'm heartless, I'm Craig Lewis

Don't let the pain affect you
Don't listen to your heart, let the brain protect you


from The World Is Flat & You're All Liars, released April 11, 2015
written and produced by DL Murray
mixed by DL Murray
mastered by Smoke M2D6

Contains samples of "Half Empty" by DL Murray. Used with permission.



all rights reserved


DL Murray Olympia, Washington

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